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At the top of the list when it comes to embroidery, Brother always uses the latest technology..!

.pes format. These are tiny files so you can literally store thousands on a single memory stick or CD. The structure of the .PES file as based around pec and in its most basic hexdecimal data, depends on the stitch formation. Each stitch has two to four bytes. For example "HEX 0008 - 0010 + 533" is the start of a stitch. I know this is not going to mean much to the person that only wants to know which format to use for the old Brother embridery machine thats in the cupboard...well the answer is, buy the PES format.

For example the design called bluecar.pes would be for a Brother, because Brother uses the file extension pes. If you are not sure what file extension you can use, see your instruction book or follow the guide below.

Over the years many versions have been developed quickly, changing PES-6/PES-5.0/PES-4.0/PES-3.0/PES-2.5/PES-2.0 to very early PEC 1.0, usally even the newer Innovis Brother machine can read and stitch out most of the very older types.

Having the largest sewing machine manufacturing plant in the world, based in the Dong Nail provence, Vietnem. Brother produce 50,000 machines a month with 1,000 staff at peak times so it comes as no suprise Brother PES embroidery design format is compatible with lots of models.
Brother: se270, PE100, PE150, PE170D, PE180D, PE200, PE300, PE400D, NV500D, PC6500, PC7000, PC7500, PC8200, PC8500, PC8500D, ULT2002D, ULT2001, ULT2003D, SUPER GALAXIE, NV500-550, NV900-950, NV700-750, NV1200-1250, NV1500-2200, NV4000-4000D, NV5000, NV1, V3, V5, V7
Baby Lock: EM-1, EM-2, EAC-ACCENT,E60, ESi-1, ESi-2, ESE, ESE2, ESL, INT, ESG, ESG2, ESG3...
Bernina: Deco 500, 600 and 650...
Simplicity: SE, SE2, SE3
White: 3300

Recently Brother released two fantastic software versions, PE Design Plus and PE Design Next. Not only can they save designs in the .pes format for Brother machine but in multi format for all other major brand machines, making this software very versatile (Singer .xxx, Husqvarna .hus/.shv, Janome .jef/.sew, Pfaff .vip/.pcs, Bernina .pes and other universal formats dst , exp, csd). Compatible with windows latest version. For a full list of available Brother software packages click here.

Brother embroidery machines exploded onto the market with the launch of their Disney machines. Due to heavy copyright restrictions, the Disney designs cannot be taken off the machines and stored on external memory devices. Also the Brother Disney cards will only work in the Disney embroidery machines. The newer Brother InnovIS range of machines, along with the PEDesign software, makes them very formidable indeed. The beauty of the Brother .pes format is the huge amount of information it stores in such a tiny space.

Information such as: stitch count, trim, jump, stop, density, thread colour and weave. Give .pes designs a fantastic level of design depth and realism destined to impress.



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